Enthralling sudoku

This book offers close to 140, hand crafted puzzles to Sudoku lovers. The book is first in a series of intended offerings.Visual aesthetics, nice logical deductions, a clean solve path, had the author’s utmost focus in design of each Sudoku.

This book contains 30 classic sudokus and 9 Variants with 12 in each variant.

Diagonal, Odd Even, Irregular, Arrow , Thermo, Windoku, Outside, Disjoint and Killer.

Puzzles have been structured in an increasing difficulty level. A Solver can acquaint himself to a variety of puzzle types of different difficulty levels.A dedicated section titled ‘Tips/Tricks’ explains how one should approach these puzzles.

The entire collection has been tested by Kota Morinishi,a 3 time World Sudoku Champion. His testing times are available for solvers to compare their own times.

please feel free to comment here or Email at enthrallingsudoku@gmail.com regarding any queries.





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